Chris Murphy


Chris Murphy, LEED AP, BD&C

Non Toxic Paint Supply & Rebuilding Green, LLC.

Chris Murphy, LEED AP, BD&C,

Non Toxic Paint Supply & Rebuilding Green, LLC.

Chris is a LEED AP, credentialed interior and kb designer and a semi-retired professional builder with environmental and health issues foremost in his mind, his dream of bringing safer buildings fully into the mainstream gets closer every day.

With a commitment to help promote natural, bio-based and non-toxic alternatives in building design, sourcing and construction, he is eager to help the green building community move forward.

With a BS from Seton Hall and 35 years also as a tech guy and entrepreneur, having worked in and around many green building projects, as well as alternative energy and IOT, sustainable business practices that meet the triple bottom line and that preserve the health and spirit of all involved are noble goals that he remains committed to.

He believes that finding the new paradigm in communication and cooperation that enables all the imagined synergies of green building to happen is the challenge of our lifetimes.