USGBC NJ accomplishes our mission through education, advocacy, and collaboration.

As New Jersey’s green building advocate and education resource, USGBC NJ provides continual educational programs, educational/networking events, green building tours, research studies and advocacy initiatives through its three-branch, statewide network. Grant funded training available. 

  • The NJ Chapter is a USGBC provider of the LEED Core Curriculum and LEED Accreditation Exam Preparation. Additionally USGBC NJ has developed customized training for all industry sectors and professions focused on the technical aspects of sustainability and green building.
  • USGBC NJ is a licensed provider of the GPRO series which provides credentials to the Construction Trades including Construction Management and Project Management. (See USGBC NJ Complete Course Syllabus)

USGBC NJ Sustainability Education Program

The economics of sustainability have been tipped in our favor when you weigh the positive environmental benefits combined with the business case studies. Green building and LEED certification is among most the standard for measuring levels of ‘greenness’ in buildings and construction. It has been calculated as nearly half of all construction in the US currently. As a prerequisite for our continued efforts in the built world it is absolutely essential that we understand how to transition our industry to the sustainable future we envision as well and completely understand the results of the positive and negative elements.

The USGBC NJ chapter has been given the wonderful opportunity of receiving a grant that allows us to help educate an incredibly diverse variety of New Jersey professionals, residents and workforce. Our training sessions have been home grown from our internal membership designed to showcase real case studies and LEED projects. Design and construction professionals increasingly need to increase their knowledge base to stay competitive in the market and be a valuable member in the LEED community as well as overall environmental steward. Our programs were designed to accommodate all levels from; the simplest explanation of sustainability and how it affects family, community, the globe; through envisioning fully sustainable environments and neighborhoods.

The members of USGBC NJ have years of experience teaching sustainability and green building workshops publicly as well as privately in their own independent businesses. Our team brings their real life lessons, experience and passion for sustainability and is engaging during these trainings offering you an interactive learning experience.

Interested in receiving fully funded training for your employees?