LEED ND Committee

LEED Neighborhood Development (LEED ND) Committee

The members of the LEED® ND Committee are stewards of LEED in neighborhoods around the state, integrating the principles of smart growth, new urbanism, and green building. Our goal is to educate key project stakeholders about the benefits and necessities of sustainable development. We will continually strive to increase membership, develop educational programs, and work with other USGBC NJ Chapter committees. The committee usually meets 1 to 2 times per month and organizes special activities that are both social and educational for its members and guests.

We recognize that for New Jersey to become sustainable, it must offer its residents a high quality of life at low cost, and it must do so for the long term. Some ways to achieve this goal are:

  • Preserve and regenerate the natural landscape
  • Encourage pedestrian-oriented development
  • Promote alternate forms of transportation that are efficient, and environmentally and socially responsible
  • Ensure that buildings constructed n these urban areas are state-of-the-art green facilities
Committee Chair: Michael R. Thomas, LEED AP ND, mrt137@hotmail.com 
Program Chair: Dave Roberts, LEED AP ND

For more on LEED ND,  contact the committee chair at mrt137@hotmail.com or executivedirector@usgbcnj.org.