Green Building Economic Impact Study

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently published the Green Building Economic Impact Study, prepared by Booz Allen Hamilton (Booz Allen). The trend and projections are quite impressive for the US, and in particular for the state of NJ.

For NJ, The Booz Allen Hamilton Green Building Economic Impact Study determined that:

• NJ Green Construction’s contribution to GDP 2011-2014 was $10.95 B
• NJ Green Construction’s contribution to GDP 2015-2018 will be $20.51 B
• NJ Green Construction Employment 2011-2014 impacted creation of 128,000 Jobs
• NJ Green Construction Employment 2015-2018 will reach 241,000 Jobs

A growing number of businesses are integrating sustainability into their business plans which in turn transforms the client base and markets of the real estate, design/engineering, and building industries. This also encompasses the entire pipeline of suppliers and services which contribute to the measurement of sustainability compliance and management of our carbon footprint.

To support the growth of this evolution, USGBC NJ has expanded our education offerings to address the corporate and real estate sectors as well as our professional development curricula. This includes orientation for corporate executives, the Well Building Standard, the new state of NJ Energy Code, Net Zero Waste and our core curriculum of LEED and GPRO. Many of our courses were jointly developed by our corporate and professional chapter leaders who are active practitioners.

Please feel free to contact us at for additional information or if you are interested in a private workshop for your organization. Grant funding is available for qualified USGBC NJ members.

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