Rutgers LEED

The College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative team created a fantastic online tool to learn about LEED and their state of the art project.

Awarded the 2016-2017 Innovative School Project of the year by the USGBC NJ chapter, this comprehensive redevelopment initiative has redefined approximately 10 acres of Rutgers University’s historic downtown New Brunswick campus. The initiative includes the construction of a new College Avenue Academic Building, a new Honors College, and a new mixed-use student apartment complex.

This state-of-the-art project promotes the integration of education and social interactions in a modern and forward thinking environment that is healthier for its inhabitants. The College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative, started in 2012, with a partnership between Rutgers University and New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO).

The intent of The Initiative is to create new, sustainably built, residential and academic spaces on the New Brunswick College Avenue campus at Rutgers University. It incorporates innovative design and construction methods that will not only improve economic, social, and environmental sustainability but also will inspire students to be the next generation of green building leaders. It will also highlight the need for sustainability in construction among major public research universities by demonstrating how it can improve the academic and residential environment for the next generation.

The project team included: DEVCO; Elkus Manfredi Architects; The Green Engineer; ReVireo; Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc.; Concord Engineering; and K2Hargreaves Associates.

Watch the full RutgersLEED video series here.

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